Shalom: What is Peace?

In times like this, it is important to step back from all of the chaos and question what our role is going to be in all of this. When violence or injustice happens in the world, it is common to want to slap back, to draw lines around groups or ideas… »

Fault, is it mine?

Fault can be a trigger word for people. A word that stains you with guilt with even the mention of it. A word that won’t let you go, hold you down and imprisons you where you know you don’t belong but fear you can’t escape. I have learned to look at… »

Who Is Against Me

A Life Against So often in our lives, we look for who we should be against. Target is selling Satanic clothes: against! Netflix is promoting sex trafficking of young women: against! Disney is adding sexual identity education to films for minors… »

Better naming for WordPress hooks

Next time you're out there writing some code for a custom WordPress theme or plugin, try thinking about adding colons or dots to your hook names. It makes it much more readable and easier to understand the separation between components and the… »