Quicklook Plugins for Developers

Just found the best thing ever today! I have been working for so long with code files ranging from PHP to C# to JSON, lots of images in various sizes, zip files for downloads, etc. and I have always had such a hard time getting important information about these types files quickly from Mac's Finder.

I would always have to look through my folders and drag one file after another into Sublime Text so I can get a good look at what's going on in the file. Or maybe find an image, right click to “Get Info” and find the Image Size missing, so I would then have to open it in Photoshop and get the Image Size there. You get the picture.

But, No longer!

sindresorhus/quick-look-plugins on Github has put together a nice collection of QuickLook plugins that NOT ONLY add syntax highlighting for code:

Code highlighting

but also useful plugins for viewing .zip file contents,

Zip File Quicklook Preview

showing image size as you view an image,

Image Size Quicklook Preview

or viewing the contents of Apple Package Files!

Apple Package File Quicklook Preview

Head on over there now and grab them for yourself and enjoy a much improved Finder QuickLook workflow!

Josh Friend

A.D. of Software Engineering at Ramsey Solutions. I build mostly using Ruby on Rails, React, Laravel, and Kotlin/Spring Boot. I always wanted to be an inventor when I grew up, so now I enjoy providing simple, intuitive solutions to complex problems.

Nashville, Tennessee

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