Stop telling your teams to increase lead volume!

Anytime a team focuses on volume, the quality MUST suffer. You show more people your bad thing and show them the wrong way. The way to game the quantity problem is to oversell and underdeliver. However, that does not play out well for overall product growth.

I know that you “could” account for this with key results, the problem is, it won’t work. Your team is focused on winning and they will do anything to win. The way that you increase volume is to market the product better, which usually drops volume at first, followed by higher numbers that aren’t explainable.

Josh Friend

A.D. of Software Engineering at Ramsey Solutions. I build mostly using Ruby on Rails, React, Laravel, and Kotlin/Spring Boot. I always wanted to be an inventor when I grew up, so now I enjoy providing simple, intuitive solutions to complex problems.

Nashville, Tennessee

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